Minimize & Monitor
Third Party Risk

Cylitic is a fully managed security service provider and analytics platform that quantifies and reduces third party risk for large companies.
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Cyber risk is ubiquitous, difficult to detect, and costly.


The percentage of organizations that have experienced a third party data breach.¹


The average cost to remediate a data breach caused by a third party.²

197 Days

The average length that a threat actor goes undetected at a compromised site.³

Scrutiny, Security, & Support

You’re only as secure as your weakest link. We manage risk and broker trust by locking down the connections in your business network.

Risk Analysis

Quantify, verify, and improve the security of your third party partners’ systems.

Risk Reduction

Stop incidents before they happen with cutting-edge software and endpoint protection.

Risk Response

If something goes wrong, our incident response teams and proprietary cyber insurance make it right.

Security At Scale

Cylitic leverages industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge software to keep you and your third party partners safe from cyber risk.
Next-Generation Protection
Cylitic’s easy-to-install security stack protects business partners with enterprise software.
Threat Detection & Response
Our team of analysts continuously detects and remediates threats across your business network.
Cyber Insurance
Cylitic has partnered to provide proprietary cyber insurance for your business partners, so you're always covered.
Endpoint Encryption
Cylitic monitors every endpoint and alerts you when devices with sensitive data are unencrypted.
Panoramic Visibility
Cylitic collects security compliance data from your partners and reports it to you as actionable information.
Incident Response
If an incident does occur, Cylitic has the playbooks, connections, and expertise to resolve it and restore trust.

Our Partners

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“Our startup needed advanced protection and Cylitic stepped in with a compelling set of offerings at an unbeatable price!”


Consumer Marketplace

“We implemented the solution in our 150 person enterprise and were really impressed by the speed and level of response to security incidents!”

IT Administrator

Software Company

“We are a small office with sensitive data on our systems. We feel much safer with Cylitic implemented.”


Small Business